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We Create Decorative Light Up Wine Bottles with Lights


"This is wine bottle art like you have never seen before......" - Customer Review
Our bottles come lit up with your choice of LED fairy lights or traditional plug in lights!*

We create decorative wine bottles for sale and decorative liquor bottles for sale. There is a wide variety of light up bottles for any season, reason or occasion to choose from. You can choose from a store light up bottle. We have a wide selection including; seasonal, sports, special occasions and more! Or simply let us do the work for you and create custom light up bottles for sale for you. Are you crafty yourself? You can always pick up one of our DIY (do it yourself) lightup bottles to take home either scrapbook, hand paint or just use as wine bottle lamps. Yes! You can use our DIY bottles make great light up wine bottle lamps for sale too.

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Life is a Beach
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We design and custom and non-custom decorative wine bottles, decorative wine bottles with lights,

such as light up wine bottles and lightup liquor bottles.


About Ryan Clayton-Palmer, executive designer:


Ryan's compassion for people allows him to create just what people want, decorative light up bottles for sale. His friends, family, loved ones and partner Justin, always inspire.... - READ MORE


About Justin Michael Clayton-Palmer, associate:


With an extensive background in business and a passion for music, art and entertaining, it's no-wonder Justin makes a good fit to be an associate of The Bottle Art Company. Justin brings... - READ MORE


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